Learning and mastering complex skills requires intense uninterrupted concentration-however, with the internet, deep work is increasingly being replaced by the shallow alternatives such as sending and receiving e-mail messages.

Here are my key takeaways from this book, which is an introduction/guide to deep work.

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🦄Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love- is the sum of what you focus on

willpower is limited!

Actionable steps for deep work:

  • add routines + rituals to life designed to minimalize amount of limited willpower necessary to transition
  • maximize deep work by radically eliminating shallow obligations
  • dedicate clear defined stretches…

Neuroscience and AI work hand in hand- neuroscience playing a key role in AI and being an inspiration for building human-like AI. Neuroscience inspires designs in AI systems through neural networks that mimic brain structure. Computational neuroscience is an approach to understanding the development and function of nervous systems, describing how electrical and chemical signals are used in the brain to interpret and process information. With better understanding of the brain, AI algorithms can be more advanced.

A neuron is basically a leaky bag of charged liquid- a bag where the contents are enclosed within a cell membrane that is…

Sheryl Li

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